When Shiva Made Love to Me

I was awakened in the early morning
At 5:00 a.m. to be exact
By Shiva embodied
His hand on my lower back, firmly
Already sending life force energy into my pulsing body
Suddenly so awake, all of my senses heightened
He continued to place just one hand on me, touching, pressing, squeezing, making my body come alive
Slowly, seductively, relentlessly
As I lay on my side, facing away from him
The only sound in the room my own moans and whimpers
Encouraging me to open through his potent energy
He touched my ass, by back, my neck
Each touch sending me more deeply into presence, into surrender
The orgasmic energy already causing my body to twitch uncontrollably
My breath quickening
I could smell the musky odor of him, so masculine and delicious
He came closer and pressed his body to mine
I could feel his lingam stiffening, pulsing against my lower back
When he touched my yoni from behind, I relaxed in relief that he would take me there
Penetrating me only with his energy, for now
Shiva takes his time
He knows that Shakti, to be honored properly, must be taken ever so slowly
When he finally entered me, I gasped
With the pure joy, the pure pleasure of being filled so beautifully by him
He put one leg in between both of mine and slowly guided me over onto my back
Keeping his wand of light deep within my yoni
With a smirk, he finally spoke: “Good morning”
Shiva, no surprise, has a sense of humor
Gazing into the eyes of Shiva
I am totally in my body
Seeing and feeling the wholeness of the Universe
Being the Universe
My yoni so juicy now
Sucking him even more deeply into my inner sanctum
Time stopped
We just were
His breathing started to match mine; ragged
Moaning with me
Slowly building
Our throats letting out what wanted to be expressed
Finally exploding in sound and movement
And then stillness
The sanctity of our lovemaking a sacred meditation to start the day
Gratitude for All That Is

2 Replies to "When Shiva Made Love to Me"

  • Tony Bogardus
    June 10, 2016 (5:12 am)

    While I realize that this is meant to be (and IS) much more than simply a titillating ‘Penthouse Letter’-type essay, the fact is that, in addition to being moving and extraordinarily cool, it also happens to be VERY hot. I got turned-on while reading it, and I think that my level of arousal was heightened by the knowledge that this was an erotic interlude with the Divine, and not just a randy bit of morning sex with ‘some guy.’ The other-worldliness of it elevated the eroticism for me, and it also harkened back to one of my favorite movie scenes, when Jane Seymour has sex with a spirit in ‘The Haunting Passion.’

    I have now come back and read this about four times….

    • Maria Merloni
      July 6, 2016 (12:41 pm)

      😉 Well then, it sounds like you really got the essence of it. It IS both spiritual AND hot as hell.

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