One Big Analogy

Some of you may have seen a picture of my bloody knees that I posted on social media yesterday.  Yes, I did that.  Not sure if it was a great idea, almost took it down, and I didn’t.  My point was NOT “poor me”, but people seemed to have a strong reaction to it, like it was some horrible thing.

Honestly, when it happened- I wiped out and hit the frozen earth while I was jogging- all I could think of was how pain was just part of life.  And it doesn’t have to be any big deal.  I have mostly been feeling SUPER GOOD…and then I created some pain.  Sometimes the pain in life is physical, sometimes it’s emotional.  Sometimes it’s both.

I had little to no emotional angst about it.

I finished my run (yes, I kept running), showered, washed the wounds, and put some super awesome band aids on them- which I just HAPPENED to have bought “by mistake”
the other day after my daughter took the other ones I had to school with her.  And then I chose to focus on other things.  Near the end of the day I was in more pain than earlier, so I iced my knees while watching something on Netflix.

This morning, I took off the band aids before showering, and I’m not even kidding, the wounds looked more than 50% better already.  Yes, I’m super healthy, I eat organic food and take supplements.  It’s all true.  AND I chose to focus on more pleasant things yesterday than my pain and/or worrying about how badly I may have hurt myself.  Pretty good results!

So there are layers of analogies here.  Not only the one that I already mentioned, also this:  it came to me this morning that the energetic reason for my fall and injury was my own resistance to change.  I am making some major changes in my life and business right now- good ones, AND sometimes I get scared.  The fall was the physical manifestation of the part of me that wants to put on the brakes.

If you really think about it, life is just one big analogy.  I know, that’s deep, right? 😉

The other part of this that I posted about yesterday is the wonderful realization that when I/we create something unwanted in our reality, there really is no need to beat up on ourselves about it.  I didn’t tell myself to be more careful next time, or think about what a klutz I am, or even label myself as really fuc*ed up for having created it.  I simply noticed it.  And then I went on with my good day.  I didn’t get hyper-focused on it.  I didn’t try to figure out what it meant.  I simply let it go, and then today what it meant came to me organically, without my even having set the intention to discover that.

Okay, I know this may be getting a bit excessive now…another analogy.  What if we began taking it all less seriously, the way I did with the knee thing?  ALL of it.

I have found that with a LOT of self-love techniques and A LOT of self-compassion over the last 18 months, I am now getting to the point where my ego stuff is mostly just a whisper rather than a loud, screaming toddler.

Yet, neither I nor ANY of us will ever “arrive” as long as we are in these bodies.  And I’m getting to be so okay with that fact.

And it feels good.  I feel good.

2 Replies to "One Big Analogy"

  • Tony Bogardus
    February 5, 2016 (12:34 am)

    I sense a theme….Between your reasoned reaction to your injury and your ‘go-with-the-flow’ response to glitches during your recent vacation, it would appear that you are getting quite good at stepping back and taking stock of situations from all angles, rather than giving in to the all-too-human tendency to get flustered. I hope you are able to continue on this sort of path – a calm, collected Maria is more appealing than ever, and THAT is saying something! <3

    • Maria Melroni
      February 5, 2016 (12:45 am)

      Thanks Tony! You put into words for me something that I “knew” but hadn’t quite landed on or conceptualized in quite that way. It’s been feeling like, really, ANYTHING is okay now, and that’s a great place to be at. One day at a time, that is…♥

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