Advanced Nippling

Yep, I’ve done it again.  Made up my own word.  Nippling (v.)- the art of providing physical pleasure via the nipples.

It occurs to me that the nipple is an under-appreciated aspect of the human anatomy, when it come to sexual pleasure.  Mostly in women, yet some (about 50%, according to my informal poll) men enjoy it too.

Okay, let me just be blunt here.  HUGE GENERALIZATION ALERT:  Guys who are attracted to women,  I know you love the pussy.  The pussy, aka yoni, is the source of most of your personal pleasure.  Yes, I get it.

AND, did you know that many women love having their nipples played with?  That there is a direct connection between a woman’s orgasm and her nipples? (Nipple stimulation causes the uterus to contract, which is what happens during orgasm.)  That some women can have an orgasm just from having their nipples played with?  That when you engage in some foreplay, including some “advanced nippling”, we are that much more excited about the whole encounter?

It seems that nipple play is a lost art.  More of an old-fashioned thing, maybe?  Or maybe it’s just the guys I have been hanging out with.  😉

And yes, I am addressing this mostly to men.  Women seem to know all of the above already, since they do HAVE breasts and nipples of their own.

What I DO know is that men want to please women, in and out of bed.  And so, just in case you don’t really know how to DO advanced nippling, I will give you a few ideas/tips below.  Keep in mind that women are complicated creatures.  Not all women are going to like all of the things I suggest, and even the ones that do may like something one day and not want it the next.  As always, partner communication is key:

1.  Breast squeezing can be sexy.  And it is also known to reduce the risk of breast cancer.  Ha!  Multi-tasking at its best.

2.  Gentle touch can also be a good precursor to using one’s mouth.  Try lightly stroking the breast(s) with your fingertips, getting to the nipples last.  Alternative:  take one finger and trace a circle slowly and lightly in a circular motion, starting from the outside in.  Tease her.  Make her really WANT you to get to her nipples.

3.  In all of this, please do remember that if one breast/nipple is played with, the other one wants it too.  Breasts are jealous creatures.

4.  Gentle nibbling of the breast itself and/or the nipple is most likely welcome.  Go lightly at first.  Some women like hard biting in this area.  Ask permission before doing that.

5.  Be creative.  Get in the zone.  Make one breast at a time a feast that you slowly savor.  Even if you’ve done this a thousand times, you have never done it just like this.  Each day/moment can be a totally new experience.  Resist the urge to go into the routine.

6.  Make eye contact once in a while.  Most women love to look down and see you pleasuring her.

7.  Periodically, move back to the chest, face, mouth with your attention.  It feels that much better when you get back to the nipples.

8.  Teasing.  Teasing is good.  Did I mention teasing?

9.  Be creative with your mouth, specifically.  Turn your head slightly and do a gentle nibble, alternating with the side/tip of your tongue touching her nipple.  Flick it back and forth with your tongue.  Touch it ever so lightly with your tongue.  Hard, then soft touch can feel amazing, in general.

10.  Tell her how much you love her breasts/the color of her nipples/whatever it is that you appreciate.

11.  If her breasts are the right size for this, pull both nipples close enough to each other so that you can put your mouth on both of them at once.  Sensation overload, in a good way.

12.  Wet one finger (with her juices, maybe) and lightly touch a nipple with your finger while you have your mouth on the other.

I’m pretty sure I could go on a lot longer without running out of ideas, which brings me to the last tip (pun intended):

13.  Make up your own stuff.  Surprise yourself with what you do next.  Let your body take over.  Don’t think.  I don’t care how many times you have done this.  There is literally no end to things you can invent, once you get in the flow.

14.  I lied.  One more.  Try keeping her here until she is practically or actually begging you to take your focus to her yoni.  Your reward will be great.

5 Replies to "Advanced Nippling"

  • Chris
    August 18, 2015 (12:05 am)

    I love breasts and nipples. Practice, practice, practice!

    • Maria Merloni
      August 18, 2015 (4:03 pm)

      No such thing as too much 😉

  • Chris
    August 18, 2015 (8:19 pm)

    Nipples pressed up against my chest during a hug is pretty arousing for me too

  • Tony Bogardus
    January 2, 2016 (5:51 pm)

    I am ALL about Nippling! Haha….I have never been a ‘boob guy,’ in that the size of a woman’s mammary glands don’t matter much to me, at all, and in fact, I much prefer small-to-medium breasts. The nipple, however, can get me going like few other things! All nipples have their appeal, especially if they are sensitive, but I especially like large and/or puffy ones, nipples that seem to yearn to be sucked, licked, fondled, and, well….Nippled! When I watch porn, it makes a HUGE difference in my enjoyment of a scene if there is an actress with smallish boobs and big, erect nipples. I love ALL of the above suggestions, and thank you for another stimulating blog – both figuratively and literally! <3

    • Maria Merloni
      January 26, 2016 (9:45 pm)

      Yay to the advancement of “Advanced Nippling”. 😀

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