Waking Up With Love (Sorry, I Don’t Mean Morning Sex)

Yesterday I woke up- or should I say got woken up- very early.  I think it was 4:30am. It was just barely light enough in the sky for me to see the outline of my Beloved, with our kitten Moishe perched upon his shoulder.  Moishe’s cute little head and ears outlined in the morning dawn light.  My Beloved was stroking my hair.  It was a lovely sight to wake up to, and the minute I opened my eyes I was filled with love.

I asked my Beloved “How do you feel?” as he had gone to bed the night before worried that he might be coming down with something.  And his reply, “Like I love you” opened up my heart even more.   

The beauty of the moment and how lucky I am to be able to “wake up with love” was not lost on me.  

The thing is, though, it’s not all luck.  

I did a hell of a lot of work to get where I am.  I did years of therapy, years of coaching, countless personal growth workshops, and laid under the hand of talented healers to be where I am today.

I kissed a lot of frogs.  I had terrible relationships, and then mediocre relationships, and then some pretty good ones.

I sensed my Beloved years before I met him. I knew that he was in California and in another relationship at the time when I first tuned in to his energy.  I didn’t meet him then because I wasn’t ready.

I still had years more work to do.  I still had to learn to love myself more deeply.  I still had to look at my shadow and learn to love and accept all parts of me.  I still had to heal intergenerational trauma.  

I finally got to the point where I was happy.  I mean, I was happy without a relationship and I even had the thought that if I never met my Beloved, I would still be happy.  If I were single forever, I would still be happy.  And I meant it.  

And shortly after that was when I met him.  Before that, I never really understood people who said their partner was their best friend.  I never understood when people would say “when you find the right one, you just know”.  Now I do. 

Now, I tell my clients, when you are happy being single, that’s how you’ll know when you are ready for a relationship.  

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