The Truth About Me

Okay, are you ready for the shocking truth?  I love sex.  I love S.E.X.

I understand that some of you may be saying, “duh, I already knew that” right now…and yes, it’s true that I have not been hiding that fact about myself.  AND, believe it or not, it seems there’s a part of me that hasn’t/isn’t always 100% in essence about it.

Once again, you may find THIS hard to believe: For years now, maybe until about 6-12 months ago, I had lost some of my former mojo.  I don’t know that I can explain it, exactly.  I’m sure it had to do with a combination of hormonal factors and also more inner game stuff going on with me….I’ve been a very sexual person as long as I can remember.  I don’t mean the type of person that feels in the mood when I have a sexy partner around.  I’ve always been that person, and during the rare times I haven’t been, it’s been because of actual clinical depression.  I mean the type of person whose every breath, almost, is about S.E.X.  I think about it in the morning, I think about it in the afternoon.  I think about it at night.  Things remind me of sex, easily.  If I tune in to my body sensations, I can feel an immediate flow of sexual energy. Life force energy.

Why? Because that’s who I am.  I am a sexual being.  Pssst…you are too; unless you one of the rare people who is truly asexual.

Some of us sexual beings are more context-dependent with our sexual feelings, only getting aroused when certain cues are present.  Others get turned on by smells, fantasies, memories, fabrics, food, nature, so many things.  Both types of people are normal.

And then there’s another factor at play here.  This is where the inner game stuff comes in.  In my case, I have never felt so ALIVE in my life.  I have made my way through the bulk of my “stuff”- you know, those core wounds that we all have, from childhood, sometimes stemming back from past lives even, that create blocks of energy in our bodies, stuck feelings?  And also the fears, self-doubts, insecurities, being unfamiliar with ourselves, not loving ourselves, that go hand in hand with the core wounds? (I will throw in the usual caveat here.  No, I have not arrived at some perfect place of wholeness and self love, and neither has anyone else.)

Releasing said energy blocks results in more flow.  Sexual feelings are feelings, just like fear, anger, sadness, and joy.  The more we are willing to feel all of the others as they arise and to allow them to move through, plus the more we have done the work about the past, the more flow we have.

It seems I have reached some sort of critical mass of releasing of stuff.

So, what does all this mean for you?  Well, a couple of things, I’m thinking.

First, it means that if it is possible for me, it is possible for you.  (And if having more sexual flow in your life is something you want, I would be happy to talk to you about that.)

Also, it means that you will probably be seeing more sex-related stuff from me- blogs, posts, workshops.  I recently posted a workshop that was fairly tame, relatively speaking- different from my usual Sacred Yoni Massage, Sacred Lingam Massage, etc….not one person signed up.  And then I realized why.  I didn’t have enough “juice” around doing it.

Of course, no matter what I do, there is always a spiritual thread running through it.  Even when there may not appear to be. Even when words or actions don’t show it.  For me, the two-S.E.X. and Spirit- are inseparable, by definition.

So yeah, me- I’m all about S.E.X., and ready to really put that out there in the world.

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