Who’s The Best Tantra Teacher?

Like I said, I’m a great Tantra teacher, but I’m not the best. I have a number of colleagues that are great Tantra teachers, but it’s not them either.

The Divine is the best Tantra teacher there is. Whatever you call it, God, Goddess, God/dess = the best possible teacher of Tantra and the one I’ve undoubtedly learned the most from. (And, plan to continue learning from.)

In case you’re not familiar, Tantra is an ancient healing art that originated so long ago no one really knows where, when, or how. The word Tantra in Sanskrit means “a weaving together”. While you could talk to 10 different teachers and get 10 different answers about what Tantra really is, here’s how I conceive of it: In its essence it is about the concept that ALL things (people, objects, animals, you name it) are sacred, and that we are all one energy. There is nothing else for us to be BUT one energy, Divine energy.

And even though in the U.S. it seems like Tantra is synonymous with sex, it is NOT synonymous with sex. In fact, MOST of Tantra is not about sex. In the U.S., Tantra and many other things have been sexualized so much that they SEEM like they’re all about sex, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

I’m known in the community as someone who teaches about yoni and lingam massage. Yoni means “sacred space” in Sanskrit and lingam means “wand of light”. A person with a yoni or a lingam tends to hold stuck energy there. As massage therapists well know, energy can be held anywhere in the tissues of the body, and they are. However, the yoni and lingam, and even more specifically the g-spot and prostate tend to be wells of stuck energy in the body. And this stuck energy doesn’t just have to be about sexual issues- in fact, it doesn’t need to be about that at all. If you, for instance, had a bad car accident, the trauma from that could be in your g-spot or prostate.

Why, you might be thinking, would I want to experience Tantric massage if it’s NOT about sex? Much releasing of stuck energy can be done through lingam and yoni massage. Many clients have expressed feeling ‘lighter”, after sacred spot massage. And it does tend to bring the capacity for more PLEASURE when they ARE choosing to be sexual. The more excess energy that is released, the more the natural pleasure of our bodies is available to us. Many people with yonis report being more orgasmic, or having orgasms in new ways, such as “squirting” orgasms. Those with pain during intercourse report their pain is reduced or eliminated with yoni massage. Many people with lingams use Tantric massage to help with premature ejaculation, an inability to maintain an erection, prostate issues, or difficulties having an orgasm.

I have never been taught by anyone how to give either a yoni or lingam massage. I was born already knowing how to do is as I was a Priestess in many past lives and practiced the healing art of Tantra. And as I continue to practice and the fear of remembering my knowing drops away, I remember more of the nuances of practicing this sacred art.

And I also spontaneously learn how to channel the Goddess not only in my classes but in my lovemaking as well.

Here’s the good news for you: these skills can be taught and learned, even if you’ve never considered yourself to be a healer and even if you’re not entirely sure it’s possible. All you need is a tiny bit of openness to the idea that you COULD learn to be a Tantric healer too. And you don’t need to go to years of school to learn how.

In fact, during these Covid times I have begun offering my Tantra workshops virtually, and it has opened up the opportunity for people from all over the world to join in from the comfort and privacy of their own homes (or their own hotel rooms sometimes, for those who have small children).

My in-person workshops were a huge success in pre-Covid times. And I will offer them again.

AND, you can learn and practice Tantra virtually without even having to show your face! In one of my workshops last month, about 50% of the couples had their cameras off the whole time. That is perfect for those that are shy about this stuff, and many of you have expressed that you are!

Now that I’ve started doing online Tantra workshops, I’m really excited about continuing because they have been such a huge success!

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