I Predicted A Baby Boom

…that I was wrong about that, at least in the U.S. What has happened is that in “high income” countries like the U.S., requests for birth control have increased, and there is a 300,000 to 500,000 decrease in the number of births predicted over the coming year.  

In less wealthy countries, however, women have been cut off from birth control since April of 2020, and apparently in some of those countries, like India and Indonesia, there is an increase in pregnancies.

However, none of these statistics actually speak to the issue of whether couples are having more or less sex during the pandemic.  

And in the U.S., a recent Kinsey Institute study shows that half of the 1,200 participants are having less sex since the pandemic began.   

At the same time, health experts are saying that having regular sex is exactly what we need during a pandemic, for overall health and well being.  

The reason for less sex seems to be related to being cooped up in the house with each other so much, as such a large percentage of Americans are still either unemployed right now, or working from home.

The answer?  Find ways to see your partner as separate from you, and to actually be separate from each other.  For example, you could work in different parts of the house.  You don’t have to have your meals together.  You can get out of the house throughout the day, to do an errand, or just to take a walk around the block and put some distance between you and your partner. 

And then, set aside specific times in your schedule that you WILL intentionally connect with each other.  In our house, Thursday nights are date nights.  Sure, we have had plenty of weeks when our dates were right here in our own house.  But not always.  Imagine yourself a dating couple.  You could get dressed up, put a little extra attention into your appearance, and really focus on each other.  Even if it has to be after the kids go to bed, or early in the morning, before they wake up.  

Another practice I recommend is that you plan to spend connected time with each other, NOT to have sex.  Being in the mood for sex is something that can come about after really connecting.  Or, it may not.  Women tend to be less interested in sex during times of stress; putting pressure on about having sex at a particular time of day or night probably isn’t going to help.  But if you set the intention to spend some quality time with each other, then, if you both end up feeling frisky, well at least it’s a convenient TIME for sex!

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