How To Be Present Aka How To “Stay In The Middle”

I mean, before this particular client gave it a name, I was already realizing it was a really good thing to do at this time in history and already practicing it on my own. 

It’s not a new technique.  It’s an old one.  Yet, as I’m sure many of you would agree- it’s easier said than done. 

“It” is simply the act of being Present. 

For those of you that don’t practice with me in person, it is my current go-to, mini meditation.  I often use it at the beginning of my sessions, including the group sessions.  

Here’s how it goes: 
1.  Start off by sitting comfortably in a seated position, with your spine straight.
2.  Close your eyes, or- if you aren’t comfortable doing that- bring your gaze to the floor.
3.  We start with 3 “cleansing breaths”.
4.  Each of the three consists of a BIG inhale through the nose, followed by holding the breath for a few seconds at the top, followed by a big EXHALE, through the mouth this time, and WITH SOUND.
5.  Each of the 3 breaths has a prompt before the exhale.
6.  First cleansing breath exhale- allow everything that’s ever happened in your life BEFORE THIS MOMENT to leave your body through your exhale. 
7.  Second cleansing breath exhale- this time, allow everything that you think might happen one second, hour or year, leave your body.
8.  Third cleansing breath exhale- intend this time that any lingering toxins, pain or discomfort leave your body through your exhale. 

That’s it.  This can be a stand-alone mini mediation OR the beginning of a longer meditation which would then involve long, slow breaths in and out through the nose.  

It is so simple and yet so powerful. 

And nothing is better for RELATIONSHIP than Presence.  I use a capital P when I write that word sometimes because I sense the sacredness of being Present, the connectedness with Myself, Spirit, and if in the presence of another, my Beloved.  (I try not to hang out with people I don’t love.)

I would love for you to try this simple exercise and let me know what you notice about it.  It’s a great thing to do first thing in the morning, anytime you take a break during the day, and/or when you are coming together with another.  

See how long you can stay “in the middle” and how it feels! 

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