Bees And Wedding Preparations

Love.  That’s what bees and wedding preparations have in common.

Let me explain.

First of all, I AM getting married in about a month- on August 22nd, which according to my friend the numerologist is an EXCELLENT day to get married! 

The planning of the wedding started out being a wee bit stressful.  I got divorced 20 years ago, and married before that 29 years ago.  I guess I forgot how many moving pieces there are to planning a wedding!  

But then I realized- hey, why am I letting this process stress me out?  It is a beautiful time in our lives together…how could I be enjoying it more?  We got some help with the planning, and I made a choice to tone down the working a bit so that I could really focus on the wedding without being so stressed.

After all, the whole point of getting married is about LOVE, not stress, right?  My fiancé and I are SO in love, and I choose to be present for this time in our lives before the wedding.  To make decisions together, to take long daily walks together, to spend beautiful moments together, and look forward to the MANY more beautiful moments we plan to spend together in the future.  It’s been really sweet.

(And speaking of sweet, I may or may not have had an excuse to try countless cupcakes and cakes in order to pick the perfect wedding cake!)

And then there are the bees.  I went to pick them up mid-June and installed them in their new homes the next day with the help of my amazing bee mentor.  Prior to that, I painted the hives myself and then stenciled them with both a honeycomb stencil AND a bee stencil that I put in rainbow colors on the boxes.  And guess what?  The bee stencil has a heart right in the middle of the body of the bee- of course!

I’ve just known that taking care of all my bee babies is part of my sacred work in the world.  I give them reiki every time I go in to do an inspection, and sometimes randomly when the spirit moves me.  I send them lots of love, and talk to them.  And I can’t say why, exactly, but I just know they are ALL about love.

That first day of installing them, I got to use my new bee smoker- how fun is that? I got to make a fire inside of it and then put the cover on and let the smoke come out of the hole, to be used sparingly before going into the hive, to help calm them down. 

One time when I picked it up for a little smoke reinforcement, I accidentally grabbed the metal part of the smoker, and burned my thumb.  Ouch- that’s some one trial learning right there!  But then I got the message, again, that the bees are all about love.  I got a blister on my thumb in the perfect shape of a….you guessed it….heart!

I’m flowing in love and sending some to you as you glide your way through a beautiful summer of love.  

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