What I Learned From My Kitten Today

This morning I was on a call with my business coach.  Her doorbell rang, and she excused herself to go answer it, since she was the only one in the house.  

I happened to have our new kitten Moishe (“Moy-she”, means Moses in Hebrew) sleeping on my lap.  Looking down at him, I was patting him while waiting for my coach to come back, and noticing all the cool patterns of color on his coat.  He’s mostly black and white, but I saw on the top of his head a patch where his fur was black with just a few white hairs scattered here and there.  And my mind went to “he has gray hair” because against the black fur the white hairs kind of looked like a human with “salt and pepper” hair.  We all know salt and pepper hair is a sign of aging in a human, but here was this tiny baby who had “gray hair.”

It occurred to me how very neutral it is that he has some black fur on his head with a few white hairs.  

As a woman who’s aging, I have not accepted my own gray hair so easily.  I always thought I’d be the type of woman who would just let herself get gray naturally.  Until I started getting gray.  Ahem.  

And then I started thinking about how Moishe loves himself so easily in a number of ways.  He not only accepts the color of his fur without question, he does as he pleases and takes care of himself without a second thought.  He eats when he’s hungry, drinks when he’s thirsty, plays often, and sleeps when he’s tired.  He also meows when he needs something- loudly! 

Moishe never thinks that he’s too fat and he shouldn’t have that extra bowl of food.  He never pushes himself to do that one more thing when he’s tired.  He never thinks he should spend more time being productive when there’s an opportunity for play.  And he certainly has no problem asking for help!

And I thought:  This kitten is a good role model.  We should all treat ourselves this well.  (Except maybe not eat that extra bowl of cat food.)

All that in the three minutes I had free.  Practically wrote a blog in my head.  Of course, I wouldn’t want to waste three minutes of potentially productive time. 😉

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