How To Find Safety

Today, as we here in America are all still living in the place of limbo with the future of our country, I realize that what’s most important to talk about is how to be okay with that.  Or rather, not only how to be okay with being in limbo, but also how to be okay no matter what the outcome.  No mater who wins or loses the election.  No matter what our individual and collective futures hold.  

What I have been practicing for years is mostly how to be at peace in my own days.  I do care about what’s happening in the world and have compassion for those who are suffering, which at any given time- and now especially in my lifetime- are many.  I understand the anger, rage, anxiety, grief, despair, terror, and fear that many are experiencing right now.  Hell, I have felt it, and I continue to feel it at times.  

People often say to me:  “You’re such a positive person.”  I agree.  And, I work to stay there.  

I’ve noticed that this past week especially, it is very easy for some negative energy to build up in my body, and I feel the need to release it, to clear it.  Being an empath, it’s all too easy for this to happen despite my attempts to keep myself in a bubble of love which darkness cannot penetrate.  I am also human.  

No single one of us has control over the politics of this country, what happens with covid, or institutionalized racism.

I can’t control any of that, singlehandedly.  

Here’s what I CAN control, and what you can control:  

1.  Choosing a daily meditation practice.  Pretty self-explanatory.  If you’re “bad at meditation”, you can do guided meditation.  UCLA has some good free meditations on their website.  Also, Headspace is an app. that I recommend and use myself sometimes,  They have a free trial.

2.  Releasing negative energy from the body.  I use my pendulum usually for that. If you don’t have one or don’t know how to use one, you can also simply set the intention that as you make motions with your hand from the place(s) in your body that you feel the negativity out the window of the room you’re in, that it leaves you.  Do it until you feel some relief.  You can also do this hand motion to clear the spaces that you’re in.  Darkness builds up in spaces and things, too.

3.  Who and what I put myself around.  I make it a point to only put myself around those who have positive energy, for the most part.  If I have to be around someone who is not feeling well, I will protect myself energetically to start and then do the energy clearing from above after the fact.  I also generally avoid the news on a regular day and even more so when there’s a lot of controversy or tragedy going on. If there’s something important for me to know, I’ll know it.

These are things we can all do.  And if we all took care of ourselves this way on a regular basis, the world WOULD be a better place.  

The only safety in the world is already inside of you.


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