Dance Your Gratitude!

Yesterday, perhaps you silently or out loud proclaimed what you are thankful for this year.⁣

Why not make it Thanksgiving week? ⁣

I want to share an experience I had on Wednesday, to help inspire you. I have been attending a weekly Biodanza class on Wednesday nights in November. (Don’t know what Biodanza is? Look it up! It is notoriously hard to describe and AMAZING!)⁣

The instructions for one of the dances was to “dance our gratitude”. The instructor put on some beautiful music, and we did just that. I let my dance flow out of me, and completely without using any words, I allowed my dance to become my prayer of thanks for the entire previous year. Some of the things that came to mind were easy to be thankful for- like my new husband- and others were not. I found I was able to dance gratitude even for those “bad” things in the year. The things that were painful, that forced me to grow and expand my compassion for myself and my self care, my strength. And person after person popped into my consciousness. I danced my gratitude for all of the people and experiences over the past year, in ways that I doubt I could have expressed if I were talking, writing, or thinking. ⁣

Today, that is my invitation to you. Put on a beautiful song, and dance. Dance your gratitude. You don’t have to know what you are going to dance about. Just do it. It’s a moving thing, not a thinking thing. ⁣

And in case you need a little more motivation, here you go: People who have a gratitude practice have been shown through research to have better mental health.⁣

Short and sweet from my heart to yours this Thanksgiving season. ⁣

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