What If You Were A Newborn?

Yes, I’m still a bit obsessed with our new kitten- in a good way.  😉

The other day I was taking a work break and gazing down at him in my lap.  I could kinda smell his “cat food breath”, which strangely smells a bit like fish even though his food is poultry flavored.  

And I realized that even though that smell is kinda gross, it doesn’t affect my love for him. I see his gorgeous eyes, his perfectly placed whiskers and his delicately painted paws. I marvel at every little detail of his slowly growing body and personality. 

 I don’t complain about his breath, criticize him about it, or ask him to change.  

I jest, but isn’t that what human beings often do with themselves, their partners, and others?

What if we all treated ourselves and each other like baby animals or human babies?

When you look at a kitten or puppy, do you think about how their eyes aren’t quite right, or their tail is too long or too short?  Of course not!  

It is a sort of innocence with which a baby exists.  And in a sense when we look upon babies, we get back to that innocence ourselves, able to see the babies in their perfection, untainted by the judgment we often have over our eyes having grown up in an often critical society.  

Today this is my invitation to you:  Take a few minutes to close your eyes and see yourself as a tiny baby.  Notice how precious and innocent you are.  

Having done this, it may be easier to accept yourself and your imperfections.  This could be a daily practice for 30 days or more.  

Naturally, as your self love grows this way, you will be less likely to judge and criticize others.  After all, our tendencies to be harsh with others come first from our internalized tendency to be harsh with ourselves.  

Give yourself, and everyone else, a break, starting right meow!  

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