Do You Hate Valentine’s Day?

While it may be true that much of the Valentine’s Day hype is commercially based, so what?

That’s the case with most holidays.  The question is, are we going to let capitalism dictate our behavior by NOT celebrating perfectly wonderful things, like love?

And unlike some holidays, there actually is some kind of grain of truth in this one.  Valentine’s Day is connected to love.  What is now Valentine’s Day was said to have started out as the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which celebrated the rituals of spring and ended with men and women being paired off with each other for one year.  Many of these pairings apparently resulted in long term coupling and love.  Some years later the Catholics came in and changed a few things about Lupercalia, as you can imagine (!), including the name, which then became Saint Valentine’s Day.

I think of Valentine’s Day similarly to other holidays and occasions.  I may not believe in spending a bunch of money to prove that I love someone, certainly not.  What I DO believe in is love. 

And here’s the thing:  we may say we can celebrate love on ANY day of the year. But do we?   

Why not celebrate love in your own way?  You can make a card if you want to give a card. You can make a love cake.  (I am planning to make a Persian Love Cake this year.)  You can give an appreciation.  You can do an unexpected favor for someone out of love.  The possibilities are endless.  If love is not a worthy thing to celebrate, what is?  

Whether you are single or partnered, or have multiple loves in your life, why not show how much you love your people on Valentine’s Day?  They don’t even have to be romantic partners.  They could be friends, or family members, or neighbors.  Or they could even be strangers.  Love is love.  

And whatever you do, don’t forget to show YOUR #1 love on Valentine’s Day.  In case you aren’t sure, that’s YOU.  As I often say to my clients:  “How would you treat someone you really loved?  Treat yourself that way.”

As someone who most certainly does celebrate Valentine’s Day, I say to you- a few days early- Happy Day of Love, Lovebirds.

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