Pretty Bows

There’s a Blood Moon eclipse on my birthday, this Monday the 21st. It is connected to the rising of the Divine Feminine in this new era. (The word is, if you’ve been feeling a little funky lately, you’re not alone. A lot of us more sensitive people have had emotional turmoil as the eclipse approaches. )

In this age, we hear a lot of talk about the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Many say it is the time of healing the Divine Feminine and Masculine. 

Yet, saying that they need healing is like saying God/dess needs healing. If the Divine Feminine and Masculine are the yin and yang aspects of  God/dess, how could they ever need healing?

They are the pure parts of ourselves, the unwavering parts. They make up our essence. They are who we are.

What does need healing are the fragile, human parts of us. The little girl and little boy parts of ourselves that felt pain, fear, rejection, confusion, despair. The ones that bought into the negative messages they received.

We’ve ALL received them. Even those who had the absolute best adults in their lives.

What really happened? The parents, teachers, caretakers we had sometimes or often felt Connected to their inner being. And when they held us as the object of their attention, we felt good. We learned good things about ourselves. And when those same adults felt disconnected from their inner being, from the Source of Love, they held us as the objects of their attention. And we felt bad. We learned that we were bad.

That’s it. There is no blame or shame or making anyone wrong here.

Fast forward a decade or two. We grow up. We become adolescents and then adults. We get in relationships and entanglements, carrying the fragile parts of ourselves with us. All tied up, with pretty bows. We fall in love with each other.

At some point, the bows become tattered and fall off. We are naked before each other, in all our “imperfections”, the parts of ourselves that we try so hard to hide, even from ourselves.

Both of our wounds are right there, gaping open. They rub up against each other. Ouch. Inevitably, there comes a point when we start to blame each other for those aching wounds. And it really appears that those partners, wives, husbands, are the source of our unhappiness.

This is how the stereotypes come about. Women are just bitches. Men are assholes. This is the distorted masculine and feminine coming out, the distorted ego. Not the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

This is what needs healing. The little boy and girl parts of ourselves who are hurt and angry, who lash out at the other. Men at women. Women at men. Women at women. Men at men. Someone’s got to be the enemy, right?

Truly, those that press our buttons are our angels. They bring up the most painful hurts of our past so that they can be healed. It is each of our own job to heal them. Our feelings are our own responsibility, not the “fault” of the person lying next to us in bed.

That is just a tempting illusion. Wouldn’t it be nice? ‘This person is just bad for me. They are the problem. If I just get rid of them, then I’ll be happy again.’ Ha!

So what is the answer? Not to sound trite, but you know what I’m going to say, right? Love. Love is the answer. Self love. Giving ourselves all the love that we felt we missed out on as children. Getting down to the Truth of remembering who we really are. We are not bad, but good. We are not less than; we’re as worthy as anyone else. Simply because we be. 

We can forgive. Ourselves, and the other that we’ve been pointing the finger at. We will still be the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, as well as the human parts of ourselves, all wrapped into one.

Then, the rift between us will be no more.

And from there, anything is possible.

2 Replies to "Pretty Bows"

  • Paul Cooperstein
    January 19, 2019 (1:54 pm)


    Crisp, clear and truth!!!


    • Maria Merloni
      August 1, 2019 (3:32 pm)

      Thank you my love!!!