In Fairyland

Once upon a time, I had a partner whose favorite thing about me was that I believed in fairies.  Yes, that’s right.  Fairies.  I still do, believe in them, that is.

Yesterday morning I was on my jog, and it was raining pretty hard.  I was running on a wooded path, and as I looked down I saw what looked like an aspen leaf (kind of heart-shaped, go figure) on the ground, underside up.  It was filled with water, which made me think of fairies, since fairies are often depicted using such things as containers for their water.  And I did have the thought that the leaf may have been an actual fairy drinking fountain, of sorts.  This was all happening quickly, as I was running and didn’t let the fairy pool stop me.  Just a few feet past it, I saw a very wet, dark gray, chunky, perfectly shaped, glistening heart rock.  I took this as a wink from the Universe that, yes, I was onto something.  And then, the next thing I knew, I got a whiff of something that smelled both floral and woodsy at the same time.  It was a delightful smell.  And my brain went right to:  fairy perfume.  I’d never smelled it before, and ooh, it is wonderful stuff!

Some would say I’ve really lost my marbles now! 😉

And that’s perfectly okay with me.

What I know is this:  before I saw the leaf holding the water, I was already in a magical space in my mind and body.  I was feeling energized, joyful, positive.  I wasn’t bothered one bit by the heavy rain.  It was actually kind of nice to be having a different experience during my run.  I also know that when I am in that magical place, I have a direct connection to all things that are also in that magical place…such as fairies.  Very magical.

I know that there are other dimensions in addition to the one we mostly consciously live in.  We go to some of them when we are sleeping, or in meditative states, or hypnotic states.

And why, you might be thinking, would fairies reveal themselves to me?  Because they know I am their friend.  And I resonate in their energetic plane sometimes.  If I were in a different head space that day, I would not have even noticed the first sign of them.  Maybe the heart rock, but that’s all.  I wouldn’t have been a vibrational match to any fairy pools.  And yet, because of my openness to all things magical in that moment, I was able to see them.  And feel their fairy energy.

And so it is with everything in our world- abundance, cars, relationships, houses, businesses- you name it.  We can create whatever we want.  We must simply believe…

I didn’t see any actual fairies yesterday.  Maybe next time.  I’ll let you  know.


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