Sacred Yoni Massage For Singles and Couples, Virtual Edition



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Are you curious about yoni massage?

Excited to try something new?

Or already a fan, and want to continue on your journey?

Join me, Maria Merloni, and my lovely and talented ” demonstration partner ” in this rare opportunity to explore the ancient healing art of Sacred Yoni Massage on Saturday June 19th from 3:30-6:30PM ET.

Yoni, or “sacred space” as it is called in Sanskrit, is the seat of a woman’s essence, her Divine Feminine Power, the Source of Life.

Yoni massage is an ancient Tantric practice that goes back so far, no one even knows when it started! It is about honoring the yoni, the “sacred space” of a woman. It is about encouraging the rising of the Divine Feminine. It is about love and healing and release of anything no longer serving you, no longer serving the World.

I myself have been a practitioner of yoni massage longer than I even know. I was born knowing how to do it. And as I step aside and let more of my ancient knowledge come through, I want to share this powerful practice with the World!

It is part of the era of the Divine Feminine Rising again, this time in union with the Divine Masculine!

In our demonstration, we’ll show you how to:
  • Create deep, sacred Connection with a partner
  • Honor the yoni as the Source of Creation that it is
  • Explore with a partner at the intersection of hot and holy
  • Access the sacred healer within YOU!

Then you get to practice what you’ve learned, together with your partner…

This will enable you to:
  • Shed layers of stuck energy that get in the way of your ultimate power and pleasure as a woman
  • Remember the feminine model of sexuality- allowing and receiving
  • Witness the healing capacity of Divine Love
  • Have an embodied experience of the link between sexuality and spirituality

People of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and lifestyles are welcome!

REGISTER NOW- this will sell out! Spaces are limited for your privacy, individual instruction, guidance, and support.



“I just wanted to thank you again for a really profound and lovely workshop. Your presentation was just wonderful–to me, you struck just the right tone–the intersection of educational, calm, compassionate, delighted, and humorous.

The best part is that I believe it had a very healing effect on my partner, and it’s something we can and will take home and use again and again.”  LW

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Couple, Single

Event Details

Date: June 19, 2021

Start time: 03:30 p.m.

End time: 06:30 p.m.

Venue: Zoom