I Stand Corrected

Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook in which I declared my love for Adam Gottlieb and my alignment with his message.  I saw him at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester and I was blown away. I said that I loved his message.  (Plus I may or may not have mentioned that I developed a huge crush on him over the course of the evening.)  I talked to and even hugged that man.

I loved his music and his poetry so much, I bought one of his CD’s.  Paid him double the amount he was asking, because- damn- the kid is so talented, and he must be living in poverty with what he was charging. 

So then I’m cruisin’ around in my Toyota Prius (it’s my version of cool, don’t judge) grooving to my new CD.  I listen to this song called “Fall in Love”.  It starts out with “I fall in love, I fall in love, I fall in love, in love with you…”.  And I’m thinking “NO!  I want you to fall in love with ME, Adam.”  😉  As I listen on, I realize what he really means is this: “falling in love with my Better Self, which then extends into Love for everything else…I keep on falling in love with you, I fall in love, I fall in love, I fall in love, in love with me, I fall in love, I fall in love, for I am you, you’re me, you see.” Ahhh, I think.  He gets it.  We are all one.  That’s why I was so on fire at his performance.  Now I’m even happier, after hearing this song.

And then a new song came on.  I don’t even know the name of it.  I’m listening, good beat as usual, I’m listening, and suddenly I hear these (Biblical quote) words: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”  Holy crap!  Did I just hear that right?!  No, not my Adam!  The bubble of my perception of perfection has been popped (and now it makes sense why he is charging $5 for his CD’s)!  I almost threw up in my new Prius!

There are just so, so many things wrong here. First of all, no one has to “get into” the kingdom of heaven.  It’s the only place there is to go after this.  And then there’s the simple fact that money is simply a form of energy exchange.  Way back before money was invented, soldiers used to be paid in grain.  And then in coins with the moon and sun on them.  And now we have “money”.  Well, truthfully, the story is a little bit longer than that, but we’re skipping ahead. 🙂 There is only one source of energy on this planet, or in the Universe, for that matter, and it is Source.  Money, even a plethora of money is good.  Lots of money = abundance.  Abundance comes in many forms.  It can come in fields of flowers, in joy, in sexual ecstasy, and many other things, including MONEY.  Abundance, love, joy, knowledge, peace, all of these things are on the highest energetic plane where pure Source energy exists.  By virtue of the Law of Attraction, the more time we spend there, the better shit gets.  (Okay, that’s my interpretation of the LOA.)

Apparently, at the young age of twenty two, Adam Gottlieb really does get it, part of it, anyway.  And yet he hasn’t yet discovered that money, in fact, is NOT the source of all evil, contrary to popular belief.  It’s okay that my bubble has been popped, I realize.  He doesn’t have it all figured out yet; he is not perfect.  And neither am I.  I still love him.  Isn’t that the message coming full circle after all…we are all loveable, even with our “imperfections”?


2 Replies to "I Stand Corrected"

  • Rob
    March 28, 2015 (5:15 pm)

    Well, like you said, he IS 22. The great majority of me hadn’t yet been formed, and my love for myself/others was half-cocked at best. So much nicer to be older and wiser!

    • Maria Merloni
      March 29, 2015 (9:47 pm)

      Oh Goddess, he’s light years ahead of where I was at 22! 😛 So inspiring!

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